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Radhika apte and kyra dutt – full frontal nudity
Ms Kyra Dutt apparently signed the full frontal nudity clause for an Ekta Kapoor film. The news made enough headlines and the same was the case with the apparently leaked video of Radhika Apte.

Both the Ladies are free women and are at liberty to do whatever they please. So, it is again upto the censor board to decide what will pass muster and what doesn’t. Why any Producer would need to have a full frontal nudity clause when the censor board does not permit it, is difficult to fathom. These people would now film explicit scenes just short of full nudity and then try to put pressure on censor board. I hope the censor board pre-empts such moves. Anyway this post is about the hue and cry being raised about the second lady’s video.

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