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Fatigue Birthday Party, Raffi Ahmad sick child


Couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina or familiarly called Gigi again celebrated the first birthday of their son, Malik Ahmad Rafathar in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Yesterday, the pair also held a party in Kemang, South Jakarta. 

Because of fatigue, Rafathar health began to decline. The boy that was born August 15, 2015 it began to colds.

“Yeah yesterday he was already starting to hurt. Because I think exhaustion yesterday. Yesterday the anniversary, today’s birthday again,” said Gigi met after a birthday party Rafathar in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Sunday (21/08/2016).

As a mother, Gigi has always had a way to get around for health Rafathar recovered. Raffi Ahmad’s wife was trying to force the child does not diporsir a day.

“If you want an event like this he diistirahatin, of not doing anything in the morning. It is also, abis break event. So how nobody really,” said Gigi.

Although less healthy, Rafathar still looks cheerful at her birthday party themed Elmo and all in red. According to Raffi and teeth, if it was a birthday party celebrated together Rafathar orphans and friends, the party this time was made only for family and close friends Raffi and Gigi.

Fatigue Birthday Party, Raffi Ahmad sick child

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