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Top Ten Bollywood Boobs of 2017 – Best Bollywood Boobs 2017 Exclusive Pics


Bollywood is all about Cleavages. Bollywood actress earn money because they show cleavages and boobs and not their acting skills. Many Bollywood actress desi celebrities are famous and get new roles just because they have beautiful bodies. There are few exceptions but very few.  If you have big boobs you can make a lot of money featuring in countless Men’s magazine. Bollywood babes are blessed with the best boobs in the industry. While thanks to the surgery that all of them are not the natural one’s but they still makes most men go wild.

Lets make a list of top ten boobs of only 2017. In no particular order here are the top ten boobs in Bollywood business in 2017

10. Deepika Padukone

I do not find boobs of Deepika Padukone really attractive because they are not really big or beautiful. But the fact that she is a good actress and have sensual body and naughty smile, makes her boobs more desirable. Her boobs size is 34B which is big enough but they doesn’t really look good on her unless she uses pads. Her body measurements are 34-27-36

Also she has a beautiful ass for sure.


09. Esha Gupta – next on my list is Esha Gupta. She has a perfect body but she lacks the sensuality and naughtiness of the face. Her face is a bit less Indian. Her size is

Body Measurement and Size: 32-25-34.5

Bra Size: 32C


08. Katrina Kaif : Dont get me wrong here. She is the most beautiful actress in Bollywood right now but to be true, her boobs are only at no. 8. Plus she acts horribly bad. Also she has less Indian looks. Also her 2017 year was not very successful and we saw less of her body. Her Body Measurements are 34-26-34 Inches. Katrina Kaif Bra Size 34B, Waist Size 26 Inches and Hip Size 34 Inches. Here are few pics of her boobs.

She has a very beautiful ass though.


07. Amy Jackson Though she is a foreigner she has acted in lot of Indian and Bollywood movies. Plus she is really famous for her bikini Shoots. Her boobs are perfectly shaped and beautiful plus she exposes them a lot.

06. Sonakshi Sinha : Sonakshi Sinha is a proud owner of a full 36D size milk tankers boobs. But I am sure you have not seen much of it. Sonakshi Sinha barely ever wears sensual clothing. Her cleavages siting are very low.  But in 2017 we got to see her beautiful boobs in a lovely pink dress.

Sonakshi Sinha Measurement / figure size

Sonakshi SinhaBra Size/Breast Size


05. Shriya Saran : She has to be on the top of the list but only because her Bollywood sightings in 2017 is very few that she is on no. 5. Massive boobs and one of the most Indian look of her face gives her tremendous edge over other ladies of Bollyowood. Her Body Measurements 34-25-35 Inches. Shriya Saran Bra Size boobs size breast size is 34B, Waist 25 Inches and Hip 35 Inches


04. Priyanka Chopra The desi babe who is more videshi these days. The quantico starer Priyanka Chopra is no. 4 on our countdown. Again, her Bollywood sightings were very few that’s the reason that she is on no. 4. Otherwise she is the queen. Priyanka Chopra Bra Size : 34C  Priyanka Chopra Measurements : 35-24-34 inch


03. Sonam Kapoor : At no. 3 is Sonam Kapoor who has the most perfect boobs of 2017 plus she exposed her goods so much so that nothing was left for imagination. We even saw her in Nipple Pasties. Tremendous amount of meat stuffed on this beautiful slender chest really gives Sonam Kapoor one of the best boobs of 2017. Measurements -35-25-34, Sonam Kapoor Bra Size -32C

02. Sunny Leone : No list is ever complete without Sunny Leone. She is the ultimate dream porn star of Indian men. Plus her huge boobs and small aureola around her aroused nipples are so attractive that you cant unsee them. She is the ultimate baby doll of Bollywood. Though her 2017 year was not as exposing as her previous years was, but she still rules the chart because of her beautiful Boobs. Measurements -38-24-36 inches, Bra Size -34DD


01; Disha Patani : Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and get yourself aroused, I mean, stand up, for the winner of 2017 Best boobs Contest Disha Patani. This beautiful girlfriend of Tiger Shroff has done nothing much in Bollywood in 2017. Her movies has not done much in Bollywood. But she and her boobs has done a lot of things on Indian Bollywood magazines and Awards Show and Parties.

  • Disha Patani Figure Body Size: 33-25-33
  • Disha Patani Bra Size: 33B







Noteworthy Mentions :

Kajol Devgan in 2017

Kajol Bra Size: 34C. Kajol Measurements: 34-24-34


Kangana Ranaut in 2017

Her Body Measurements 34-25-34 Inches. Kangana Ranaut Bra Size 34B, Waist 25 Inches and Hip 34 Inches.


Taapsee Pannu : The Judwa Girl Taapsee Pannu has small but beautiful Breasts Boobs. Taapsee Pannu Bra Size 34B, Waist 27 Inches and Hip 36 Inches

Jacqueline Fernandez : Judwa Girl Jacqueline Fernandez : Her Body Measurements 34-25-35 Inches. Jacqueline Fernandez Bra Size 34B, Waist 25 Inches and Hip 35 Inches.May 5, 2017