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Want entertainment industry to be completely tax free, tells Kajol!

Bollywood actress Kajol feels that the entertainment industry should be made tax free, but, she wants to leave the judgment on the government.
During an event, Kajol was questioned about her hope from the Union Budget, which will be presented on February 1.
“That’s a very complicated question which I don’t know whether I have the expertise to discuss it. However, if you ask me, I ideally want entertainment industry to be completely tax-free. But, as it is not going to happen in my foreseeable future, I will leave it to the government to do what they see best,” told Kajol.
Questioned about the 12per cent tax levied by the government on sanitary napkins, the actor told the administration would decide what was best and she would refrain from commenting.
“As far as women’s sanitary napkins are concerned, there is a tax on milk, rice… So, I think the government will know what’s best and how it should be,” she told.
Nowadays, many top celebrities are coming forward to lend their support for various social causes and campaigns and Kajol feels that it’s a good move.
“I feel people need to stand up and talk about things. I don’t think that it would be a cause if there was no need for it,” she told.

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Want entertainment industry to be completely tax free, tells Kajol!

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