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Rajkumar Hirani’s love for Ranbir Kapoor!


Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is teaming up with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani for Sanjay Dutt biopic. People are curious about the title of the movie and can’t wait to witness the teaser which is coming out on April 24, 2018, in the morning.
During a media interaction with a media source, Rajkumar was questioned if Dutt biopic will make the return of Ranbir, the superstar. To which he specified, “He was always there, he never went away. He is a fantastic actor. I Ioved working with him. I would like to work with him again.”
When questioned if Sanjay has seen the movie, Hirani told, “He has seen some scenes but not the entire film. But he has seen many scenes, the teaser of the film. We are working on it. When it is completely ready he would be the first person to see it. He is surprised and shocked that a film is made on his life. He has to absorb that.”

Rajkumar Hirani’s love for Ranbir Kapoor!

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