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Salman Khan opens up about father’s permission for girlfriends at home!

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Superstar Salman Khan is also amongst those few celebs who continue to remain unfiltered and are not bogged down by public clamor about them. In spite of all the professional success, it is his personal life and the impending ‘nation wants to know’ question of wedding which creates the maximum stir. By now, the actor has skilled the art of dodging those intruding questions.
But, on the sets of Dus Ka Dum, during one of the questions, Salman admitted that his father Salim Khan preferred them spending some quality time with the girlfriends in the home rather than in public spaces. During one of the segments, Salman asked celeb guests, “How many percents of Indians are scolded by policemen for romancing in public?” – as part of the game show. But before they could answer, Salman himself said that it is sad to see couples spending time in public space.
“These couples are helpless as there are around 8-10 people in a small house. These youngsters cannot afford to book a hotel as the society takes it in another way. My father gave me a clear-cut instruction when it came to girlfriends. He gave us the permission to spend time at home rather than roaming around the city,” Salman revealed.
“The same instruction was applicable to my sisters as well. If they have any good man in their life, they should first tell their parents and not hide anything from them. He has given us the right to take the decision on whom to marry and whom not to marry,” he further added.

Salman Khan opens up about father’s permission for girlfriends at home!

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