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Dia Mirza advocates for safe working ecosystem!


Nowadays, the Me Too movement is going rampant in Hindi Film Industry. Women are taking a stand for themselves now and are not backing down from the fear of being shunned away like seen from a few years ago. It was Tanushree Dutta, who began a mini fire which has now become a revolution, as she accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual misconduct.
Numerous Bollywood celebs, particularly female actors are coming out in support of these brave women and are encouraging them to speak up and fight for themselves. This includes actress and now producer Dia Mirza, who promises to encourage women and have a safe working ecosystem. Dia posted, “Support those that find the courage to express their truth. Use this time to introspect. As we have. As producers, we will ensure that our company @BornFreeEnt encourages women to speak up. Already working on gender balance we care for a safe work ecosystem. @sahil_sangha #Metoo.”
Dia’s statement along with the tweet reads as, “It’s important that individuals are finding the courage to speak up. And even more important that the media approach this sensitivity, care and due investigation. Harassment of any kind at a workplace or anywhere else is absolutely unacceptable.”
“We all want to live and work within an ecosystem that is safe and fair for all. Hope that the strictest action is taken against anyone found guilty of violating this fundamental right. It’s important that cases be registered and due investigation conducted. Media must report facts,” Dia further added.

Dia Mirza advocates for safe working ecosystem!

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