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I could express feeling of love due to Dharamji, says Hema Malini!


Veteran actress and politician Hema Malini, who turned a year older on 16 October 2018, tells love is a very beautiful feeling, and she learnt to express the emotion because of veteran actor and her hubby Dharmendra.
Hema Malini spoke on her relationship with Dharmendra during a chat with a radio station, as per a statement.
Questioned about her unforgettable phone call, she revealed, “It was when Dharamji called me and said I love you.”
“Back in those days, it was very difficult as there used to be landline phones and you had to find a proper place to speak over the phone. Romance is a very beautiful feeling. I could express the feeling of love only because of Dharamji,” she further added.
Hema Malini revealed further, “It is not like you can express this to anyone. A lot of people might love you, but you can only reciprocate to the one who you truly love and that’s how it has been between us. It never happened with anyone else.”
After making hit Jodi with movies like “Seeta Aur Geeta”, “Sholay” and “Dream Girl”, they got married in 1980.
On the feeling of love, she revealed, “When you love someone, it comes from within. That is the most beautiful thing I believe every woman should experience. They should fall in love once. Love is such a beautiful expression. When you hear the person you love, express their love over the phone, it’s a different feeling altogether, you just want to keep listening and not hang up.”

I could express feeling of love due to Dharamji, says Hema Malini!

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