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Aamir Khan’s concern for Thugs of Hindostan’s ticket price surge?


Lately there were conjectures that Yas Raj Films, the producer and distributor of Thugs of Hindostan has increased the ticket prices by around 10 percent which is higher than that of Sanju film. As per news, the movie’s ticket prices will begin from around Rs 400 and will want to around Rs 1500. And the prices of tickets for single screens is around Rs 200.
During a media communication, when questioned about the surge in the ticket prices of the film, Aamir disclosed that he wants his forthcoming Thugs of Hindostan to be viewed by people from every economic class of the society. He also disclosed that he is not aware of about the hike. “I can understand. It is an expensive film. Personally, I am always for tickets to be cheaper. I think we should have theatres that are economical and people should go and watch the film in the theatre. It is my dream that in India you should have theatres that are economical, middle group and posh. Everyone should have the opportunity to access the film and I hope that happens,” Aamir revealed.
The movie is produced on a huge budget of Rs 300 crore and new news suggest that Thugs of Hindostan may release in China as well. “The film is being submitted to the censor board. It is a two-month long procedure and we might release in January,” he told.

Aamir Khan’s concern for Thugs of Hindostan’s ticket price surge?

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