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Emraan Hashmi to become a cheater for Cheat India!


Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi’s new movie titled ‘Cheat India’ has created a lot of buzz specifically among students. The film trailer looked impressive and so did Emraan with his punchy one-liners. The movie is bound to resonate with students particularly among the engineering lot.
Recently, Emraan took to Instagram to post a new poster of his movie and it sure did catch our eye. Emraan, who plays the role of a trickster in the movie looks very interesting.
The new poster has the deceiving Murder actor holding up a bundle of notes. Half the bundle is pulled back to reveal a college campus. The stack of notes, showed in the poster, are that of Rs 1,000 which have been discontinued since demonetization. The poster also carries the tag line of the film: “Nakal Mein Akal Hai.”
Written and directed by Soumik Sen, Cheat India releases on January 25, 2019.

Emraan Hashmi to become a cheater for Cheat India!

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