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Malaika Arora’s happiest time in life as she claimed!


Nowadays, Malaika Arora is regularly clicked outside the gym. Be it a rainy day in Mumbai or sunny, Malaika steps out of her house to sweat it out in the gym. Recently, Malaika was questioned about her glowing face and happiness, she confessed that since she is in a happy space, both personally and professionally, the glow is a result of the same.
In a media chat, Malaika revealed, “I guess this comes from being in a good space, mentally, physically and emotionally. I would also say that it’s yoga and meditation. It has given me direction and understanding in life. I am in a space in my personal and professional lives which I am very happy about. That is what reflects on the inside and the outside.”

Malaika Arora’s happiest time in life as she claimed!

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