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Sonakshi Sinha reveals about Salman Khan’s young look in Dabangg 3!


As we know that Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 will hit the screens in December 2019. While the shooting of the movie began in Maheshwar, the second schedule is being filmed in Mumbai.
In the movie, it is being reported that Salman Khan will be seen essaying the role of a young Chulbul Pandey and to play the role of a 20 something boy, Salman Khan will shed weight and when Sonakshi Sinha was questioned about the same, she revealed, “It does go into the prequel. I am gonna keep the rest of it under wraps for now and not give out too much information. Yes, it’s a prequel as well. Yes, he works so hard and it’s so inspiring to see that.”
Speaking about the movie, and how different it is going to be from its earlier two installments, Sonakshi revealed, “It has to be different otherwise why will we make the same film again. It is different. The thing with Dabanggis that with every part, we give the audience something new. Because, of course, the characters have been so accepted and so loved like Chulbul, Rajjo, Makkhi, everyone. The characters remain the same; it’s just that what is happening around them keeps changing.”

Sonakshi Sinha reveals about Salman Khan’s young look in Dabangg 3!

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