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Alia Bhatt’s morning routine during the filming of Sadak 2!


Bollywood star Alia Bhatt has been busy in Ooty filming her forthcoming movie, Sadak 2. The actress returned to Mumbai on Sunday after she pronounced that she finished the filming schedule in the hill station.
Recently, Alia astonished everybody with a video she took when she was in Ooty. Alia, who lately debuted on YouTube with her own channel, revealed a sneak peek into her morning schedule in Ooty. Sitting in a bathroom, in her room, Alia decided to film herself and share a piece of her life with admirers.
The video starts off with Alia explaining her morning routines in and out of the home. She revealed that when she wakes up, she avoids using her mobile phone for social media. She is making a conscious effort to reduce spending her time on social media apps as soon as she wakes up. Instead, she reaches out for the newspapers when she wakes up. She also confessed that she used to be a coffee person but now, she wakes up to a cup of hot water and lemon.
The actress went on to share a glimpse of the view at the hotel she was staying in. On days she’s shooting in the morning, Alia disclosed that she likes to sit and go over her lines. She chooses to go on set prepared. She shared a glimpse of her makeup schedule before bidding fans goodbye and filming for Sadak 2.

Alia Bhatt’s morning routine during the filming of Sadak 2!

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