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Krishna Shroff reveals about her dating partner Eban Hyama!


Bollywood star Tiger Shroff has always been in the news for his love affair with Baaghi co-star Disha Patani. Although these two are often snapped together in and around the city, sometimes enjoying their dinner date but whenever Tiger and Disha are questioned about their relationship, they always maintain that they are good friends.
In a recent interview, Tiger Shroff’s sister, Krishna Shroff, revealed about Tiger’s relationship status as she told, fair and square, that Tiger is 100 percent single. Post that, Krishna Shroff has been sharing photographs with her boyfriend, Eban Hyamas, on social media and when Krishna was questioned about her relationship status, she had told that Tiger Shroff has known Eban Hyamas for five years as they played basketball together a few times but did Tiger play matchmaker between Eban Hyamas and Krishna, Tiger’s sister is quick to say that Eban Hyamas didn’t even know that Tiger has a sister.
Additionally, when Krishna is questioned as to how did her family members react to her love affair, Krishna told that they didn’t interfere much since they trust her judgment. “Families eventually do get involved, but I’d like to take my time and keep it between us for now,” told Krishna.

Krishna Shroff reveals about her dating partner Eban Hyama!

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